Data Stethoscope

Auditory Interfaces for Listening to Data

What We Do

We develop auditory interfaces to augment or replace visualization, for increased efficiency and productivity in data-science workflows. From applications in business analytics and medical diagnostics, to automobile and home automation, we believe that sound and listening to data can transform the way we interact with machines.

Who We Are

We are a Team of transdisciplinary experts with decades of experience in the fields encompassing sound technology, data science, artificial intelligence, creative arts, cognitive science and human-computer interaction.

Roger F Malina

Astrophysicist from MIT, Ex-NASA and Director of the UV Satellite Mission, and a Distinguished University Chair in Art & Technology. Co-Founder of the Leonardo Journal that won the Golen Nica at Ars Electronica in 2018.

Scot Gresham Lancaster

Award winning computer musician and sound technologist, Ex-Interval Corp and Researcher at the Center for New Music and Audio Technology (CNMAT), UC Berkeley.

Sharath Chandra Ramakrishnan

Audio Cognition, AI and Machine Listening Expert. Alumni of the Edinburgh School of Informatics and PhD fellow at the School of Art Technology and Emerging Communication, University of Texas at Dallas.

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you should you have a usecase for auditory interfaces using data listening.Please contact us for more information.